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Tenchi Muyo! Magical Girl Pretty Sammy: INFORMATION

Tenchi Muyo! Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
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Tsunami, one of the two candidates for the throne of the magic kingdom Juraihelm, is chosen to acsend the throne. Though to be queen, she has to pick an idol who can represent her. Rumiya, the other candidate, despises Tsunami, even though she acts as a friend to her. Rumiya thinks that she is superior to Tsunami and tries to foil Tsunami's crowning. Tsunami's chooses the earthling Sasami as her magical warrior to bring peace and love to earth. Rumiya uses Sasami's introverted friend, Misao, and turns her into the wild warrior, Pixy Misa. Pixyy Misa causes mayhem on earth, while Sasami does not want to except the reality of magic.

Complete   3 out of 3   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Comedy, Magic   Mild Language, Bloodless Violence

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