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Gate Keepers 21: INFORMATION

Gate Keepers 21
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Gate Keepers 21 is an OVA series about yane Isuzu, a high school student, also works as an invader hunter for the AEGIS Network run by the mysterious tycoon, Reiji Kageyama. Ayane attempts to recruit her classmate Miyu, but once Miyu discovers that the Invaders are humans, she tries to go back to living a normal life... Meanwhile, relentless attack by the invaders lead by the mysterious Ghost Girl and the revived Kaiser Kikai continues... Why is Ayane reluctant to use her gate- a legacy of her father, Shun Ukiya?

Complete   6 out of 6   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Action, Drama, Science Fiction   Mild Language, Bloodless Violence

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OVA Special #1: Encounter (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)
OVA Special #2: Mad Dash (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)
OVA Special #3: Late Summer (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)
OVA Special #4: Ayane (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)
OVA Special #5: Miu (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)
OVA Special #6: The Sound of Wings (Also Available In Japanese Dialogue)

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