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Pokemon The First Movie 1: INFORMATION

Pokemon The First Movie 1
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A team of scientists use the DNA of a rare Pokemon, Mew, to create the world's strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo. Not wanting to be used as an experiment, Mewtwo uses its psychic powers in a violent rage to destroy the scientists who created it.

Mewtwo then tries to learn how to focus his powers with the aid of Giovanni, the man who funded the scientists' operations, but discovers that it is being used again. So Mewtwo decides to find its own purpose in life, and carry out its revenge on humans by destroying life on earth by using a deadly storm. Ash Ketchum and a group of other Pokemon Trainers are summoned by Mewtwo to have a battle with it, but they soon discover that they're only being invited so Mewtwo can clone their Pokemon for it's own purposes. Ash then tries to find a way to stop Mewtwo's plot before it can be carried out.

Complete   Full Movie   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
adventure, drama, mystery, science fiction   Violence

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By: _AnimexPokemon_ On: Jun 04 2014
Can somebody tell me how to play the movie 😅😅😅


Mini Movie Missing By: stormblade42 On: Nov 27 2013
I was alittle disappointed that the Mini Movie, Pikachu\'s Vacation, was not included in this video when it is included on the VHS and DVD copies. Please add Pikachu\'s Vacation and complete the movie.


By: iERIKA On: Mar 14 2013
I love this movie! <3 I actually have it on VHS -and- DVD, because I love it so much! ^^



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