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Zettai Karen Children (Psychic Squad): INFORMATION

Zettai Karen Children  (Psychic Squad)
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In a world where ESP is common, only three people have them at the highest possible level - Level 7. Those three are the special ESP team, The Children. The Children work for BABEL, a special ESPer organization committed to stopping crimes before they happen. Kouichi Minamoto is assigned to watch over them, and he'll need to, because three superpowered ten year olds are a problem on their own.

Incomplete / Ongoing   48 out of 52   Japanese Subbed   HQ

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Episode 01: Absolutely Lovely! Their Name Is "The Children"
Episode 02: Don't Worry! The Soaring Tower of BABEL
Episode 03: A Virtuous Person! Being an Esper is Tough
Episode 04: Beautiful Spring Scenery! Go Go Pretty Female High-School Student
Episode 05: Unpreparedness is Your Greatest Enemy! You Wouldn't Normally Enter
Episode 06: Superiority Quarrel! In Front of Your Classmate's Eyes...!?
Episode 07: Very Ordinary! Restricted Children
Episode 08: Hyobu Kyosuke! What, He Showed Up?
Episode 09: Attractive Bodies! We Are Adults!?
Episode 10: Danger Awaits! Hurry, BABEL 2!!
Episode 11: Hot Springs! Shining Eyes in the Steam
Episode 12: The Long Road Ahead! Teleporting Japan's Future!!
Episode 13: Family Disruption? Operation Paradise!!
Episode 14: Have a Sharp Mind!? The Children are Bumbling/Master Detectives
Episode 15: Rock-ribbed Law! Don't Escape!!
Episode 16: Gentleman's Agreement! The Memory of the Far-off Days...
Episode 17: Jungle Law! I'll Eat You
Episode 18: Deep Love Detection! Crisis of the Children Dissolution!
Episode 19: Runaway Angel! It Cannot Happen to My Naomi...!
Episode 20: Super Beast Caricature! Sometimes Come to Be a Beast...
Episode 21: Jack-of-All-Trades And Master Of None! Why Was He Angry!?
Episode 22: The Environment that Surrounds the Person is Important to Bring Up the Person! Minamoto Gunned Down!?
Episode 23: All at Once! Be Robbed...!
Episode 24: Professional Homemaker! Washed up...!
Episode 25: A prayer for Smooth Birth! Hello baby!
Episode 26: Change the prediction, the future is surprising!
Episode 27: Declaration of War! A Challenge from P.A.N.D.R.A.
Episode 28: Beauty of Feature! Tsubomi Kiss Alert
Episode 29: Finesse of Love! The Sea Which is the Nearest to Heaven
Episode 30: Woes Unite Foes! Do Safeblowing by Design
Episode 31: World Heritage! Then, Shall We Go to Kyoto?!
Episode 32: Rare delicacies! Touch Me If You Can
Episode 33: Autumn Holiday-making! Lunchbox is in the Underbush
Episode 34: From Flies to Mosquitoes Everywhere! Minamoto is Using His Hands and Legs too!?
Episode 35: Much Dramas and Hates! Hatsune Runs Away from Home!
Episode 36: Guys Prohibited! Afternoon of the Angels
Episode 37: Formidable Enemy Shows Up! Black Phantom
Episode 38: Transient Life! Dream Maker
Episode 39: Evanescence! Psycho-Divers
Episode 40: Tsubomi Lodge! Go In!
Episode 41: hi tsubasa ren ri ! kokuou heika no chirudoren
Episode 42: gattai mondai ! fantasuteikku . toi
Episode 43: gou heri kien ! kyarorain , unmei no saikai
Episode 44: aibetsu ri ku ! kyari1 , eien no wakare
Episode 45: tenpu shizen ! gifuto . obu . chirudoren
Episode 46: gishin'anki ! sono toori ninarunodesu chou
Episode 47: ichi ba haru yume ! ashita no omoide
Episode 48: ri chikara souzen ! mie zaru kyoui

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