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Winter Sonata: INFORMATION

Winter Sonata
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Yu-Jin falls in love with Joon-sang as a schoolgirl and after losing him in an accident decides to marry her childhood friend, Sang-hyuk but just as they are to announce their engagement.. Min-hyung arrives in Seoul and looking exactly like her lost love Yu-Jin is in a bind.

Complete   26 out of 26   Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Romance   Mild Language

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Episode 01: Monochrome Photograph
Episode 02: Kingdom of Shadows
Episode 03: First Time
Episode 04: The Promise that couldn't be kept
Episode 05: episode05
Episode 06: episode06
Episode 07: The Man Who Can`t Remember Her
Episode 08: Lie
Episode 09: Me, Inside The Forgotten Time
Episode 10: Me, Inside The Forgotten Time II
Episode 11: When Love Calls On Me Again
Episode 12: A Love That's Waited Ten Years
Episode 13: An Empty Name
Episode 14: Polaris
Episode 15: The Last Fragment of Memory
Episode 16: The Last Fragment of Memory part II
Episode 17: Our First and Last Ocean
Episode 18: Everything Disappears as Winter Fades Away
Episode 19: As Tears Go By
Episode 20: The Impossible House
Episode 21: The Traveler's Heart, Renewed
Episode 22: First Love
Episode 23: episode23
Episode 24: episode24
Episode 25: episode25
Episode 26: episode26

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