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Mobile Suit Turn A Gundam: INFORMATION

Mobile Suit Turn A Gundam
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The year is Correct Century 2345. The civilization of Earth is at about the level it was during World War I. Long ago, humanity traveled through space, but the people of Earth have long forgotten about that. However, an advanced civilization still exists in cities on the moon, and now this Moonrace, in desperate need of resources, sets its sights back on its home planet. Three Moonrace teenagers, Loran Cehack, Keith Laijie, and Fran Doll, are sent to make sure that a return is even feasible, and are followed two years later by the invading Dianna Counter forces.

Now, five thousand years after humanity first traveled into space, a new war is brewing between the Earthlings defending their homes, the Moonrace looking to settle on Earth, and other members of the Moonrace who believe a return to Earth may revive a nightmare from humanity's forgotten past...

Complete   50 out of 50   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Comedy, Drama, Romance, SciFi   Mild Language, Violence

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Episode 01: Howling At The Moon
Episode 02: The Coming Of Age Ceremony
Episode 03: After The Ceremony
Episode 04: Hometown Soldiers
Episode 05: The Advent Of Dianna
Episode 06: The Forgotten Past
Episode 07: Training To Be A Lady
Episode 08: Laura's Cow
Episode 09: Corin Called It Gundam
Episode 10: Gravesite Visit
Episode 11: The Destruction of Nocis
Episode 12: An Underground Corridor
Episode 13: An Older Person
Episode 14: Separated Again
Episode 15: Memories, Disappear
Episode 16: All About Turn A
Episode 17: Dust Blows On The Founding Of A Nation
Episode 18: Kihel and Dianna
Episode 19: Sochie's War
Episode 20: Anis Power
Episode 21: Dianna's Desperate Fight
Episode 22: Harry's Trouble
Episode 23: Teteth's Last Words
Episode 24: Laura's Distant Howl
Episode 25: Willgem Takes Off
Episode 26: The Battle of Enlightenment
Episode 27: Midnight Daybreak
Episode 28: Entrusted Things
Episode 29: The Soreil Pair
Episode 30: Holding It In The Chest
Episode 31: Pursuit! Crybaby Poe
Episode 32: The King Of Legend
Episode 33: Captured Manupichi
Episode 34: Fly! Through The Stratosphere
Episode 35: Zacktraeger
Episode 36: The Militia's Decisive Space Battle
Episode 37: Gateway To The Moon
Episode 38: Battle God Ghingnham
Episode 39: Asteroid Explosion
Episode 40: Sea Battle On The Lunar Surface
Episode 41: Determined To Fight
Episode 42: Turn X Activated
Episode 43: The Shocking Black History
Episode 44: A New Enemy
Episode 45: Traitorous Guin
Episode 46: Again, To Earth
Episode 47: Ghingnham's Invasion
Episode 48: Dianna's Repatriation
Episode 49: Moonlight Butterfly
Episode 50: Golden Autumn
Change Quality By: harrito15 On: Oct 05 2013
I hope the u guys can change the screen to put it more big because is in the middle Thank you



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