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The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye: INFORMATION

The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye
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With the help of an artificially intelligent tank called Bogie, Honoka attempts to make a living as a jack of all trades for hire in a future devastated by war and full of over-sized insects that plauge the sands between towns. One day in her travels she comes across a strange man alone in the desert, but rescuing him has consequences and brings unwanted trouble her way.

Complete   24 out of 24   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Action, Adventure, Comedy, SciFi   Mature Content

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Episode 01: Sword Dancer
Episode 02: A Busy Night
Episode 03: Town of the Desert
Episode 04: Blue Breaker
Episode 05: The Blue Space Eye
Episode 06: The Wind that Blows Towards the Earth
Episode 07: Straight until Dawn
Episode 08: Emporium's Afternoon
Episode 09: Paifuu
Episode 10: Desert's Tombstone
Episode 11: Battle With A Phantom
Episode 12: Respective Reasons
Episode 13: Desert's Folklore
Episode 14: Fairy Visions
Episode 15: Night of the Sandstorm
Episode 16: Boisterous Dancing Life
Episode 17: Rona Fauna
Episode 18: Invoke
Episode 19: Bulldozing Through
Episode 20: Crossing The Point Between Life And Death
Episode 21: Feelings That Won't Reach You
Episode 22: Mirage Of A Past Soul
Episode 23: To The Steel Valley
Episode 24: The Story Starts From Now
By: FullmetalLover On: Nov 06 2009
I think this anime was pretty good the ending was sorta so-so but I would still watch it again



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