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The Girl in Twilight (Akanesasu Shojo): INFORMATION

The Girl in Twilight (Akanesasu Shojo)
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Every clear day at 4:44 pm, Asuka and four of her friends go to the temple tree on top of a hill, tune their radio to a different frequency, and pray to open the door to another world. It hasn't worked yet, but bubbly Asuka is determined that one day it will, even if some of her friends, like pragmatic Yu and Chloe, don't necessarily agree. And then one day, it does the girls find the right frequency and suddenly their prayers land them in a golden twilight world where they are promptly attacked. They only survive because another girl intervenes one who looks strangely like Asuka herself.

Complete   12 out of 12   Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
science fiction   Violence, Blood, Mild Language

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