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Slap Up Party -Arad Senki-: INFORMATION

Slap Up Party -Arad Senki-
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Swordsman Baron travels the world of Arad to find a way to heal his demonic left arm. Accompanying him is Roxy, the ghost of a woman who unwillingly unleashed the evil that also caused Barons transformation. On their travel they get to know other fighters who accompany them and soon they call their group the "Party".

Complete   26 out of 26   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Adventure, Comedy   Violence

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Episode 01: Encounter! The Demon Swordsman and the Gunner of Love
Episode 02: Duel! Strongest Fighter Underground
Episode 03: Disaster!? The Novice Mage`s Circumstances
Episode 04: Conspiracy!? Erbinger Dochabru
Episode 05: Unscrupulous!? Vase Merchant Danjin`s Secret
Episode 06: One Shot Death!? Fighting Priest Jeda Visits
Episode 07: Rampage! The Tears of a Demon
Episode 08: Heroic! Battle of the mechanics
Episode 09: A family break-down !? Wind fist vs Thunder fist
Episode 10: The Slave Of Wealth! The Story Of Earning Money At The Storehouse
Episode 11: Unbelievable! The Tribe Of The Sleeping Kingdom
Episode 12: Intense Fight! The Spine Of The Demon Mountain - 1st Installment
Episode 13: Intense Fight! The Spine Of The Demon Mountain - 2nd Installment
Episode 14: Temptation!? Dance In The Snowy Mountain. The Two Sisters Who Caused A Huge Uproar
Episode 15: hasshin !? kuuhi bu hansen paruto !
Episode 16: The Heart Beats! Distance Between Two People...
Episode 17: White Hot! The Fierce Wave Of A Confrontation
Episode 18: Public Holiday Of The Kingdom Of Arad
Episode 19: Chaos! The Long Long Night Of Baron, The Suspect
Episode 20: Chaotic Fight! The Burning Sky Of The west Coast
Episode 21: Gather! Go Up The Castle Of The Sky
Episode 22: Horror! Sieghart Of Light!
Episode 23: Reunion! The Legendary Warrior, Aganzou!
Episode 24: The Beginning! The Sorrow Comes From The Light!
Episode 25: The Final Battle! Above The Continent's Sky!
Episode 26: Farewell Party, This Will Be The Last!

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