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RErideD (RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time): INFORMATION

RErideD (RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time)
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In the year 2050, a young engineer named Derrida Yvain is famous thanks to his invention, "Autonomous Machine DZ". However, Derrida and his co-worker Nathan discover a flaw in DZ and attempt to report it to their boss at Rebuild, a manufacturing company. Their observations are ignored and the next day, unknown forces attack them. Derrida escapes inside a cold sleep machine but doesn't awaken for a whole decade. He awakens to find the world ravaged by a war fought by his inventions. He decides to seek out Nathan's daughter Mage and protect her at all costs.

Incomplete / Ongoing   10 out of 13   Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
science fiction   Violence, Blood, Mild Language

RErideD (RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time): Extras & Options

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