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Pretty Cure MaxHeart
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Shortly after the fall of the Wicked King, the Queen of the Garden of Light lost her memory and came to Earth, in the form of a 12-year-old girl named Hikari Kujou. Now, she--with the help of Nagisa and Honoka, endowed with new costumes and powers--must find the 12 Heartiels, which hold the key to restoring the Queen's lost memories. For together once again, they are Pretty Cure.

Complete   47 out of 47   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Magic   Mature Content

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Episode 01: We are still Pretty Cure! The Legend Continues through Thick and Thin!
Episode 02: The Freshman is a Profound Mystery! But She is really full of Riddles
Episode 03: Could this be Destiny? Porun and Hikari's Approaching Encounter
Episode 04: You are not alone! A Premonition that Two Moods Overlap
Episode 05: A Gallant Appearance! My Name is Shiny Luminous!
Episode 06: Be Careful! Hikari's Errand Peril is a Defeat
Episode 07: Fight, Nagisa! The Prodigious Power of Housework at the Scene of a Fire
Episode 08: Let your Worries Drive off! Link Hikari's Ties with Everyone!
Episode 09: Do not Disturb! Honoka's Most Important Day
Episode 10: On the verge of Panic! Don't Take this Dangerous Field Trip Practice Seriously!
Episode 11: Big Pinch! Don't Hang Your Heart in this One-shot Turnaround!!
Episode 12: Business Prosperity! Welcome the Cafe's Plateau!
Episode 13: Nagisa's Great Parent-Child Battle? Neglecting a Mother's Heart!?
Episode 14: Go for it, Fuji-P-senpai! Nagisa's Cheering Flag of Spirit
Episode 15: A Senior's Aspiration is a Great Close Friend!?
Episode 16: Nagisa's in High Spirits! The Lucky Color is in the Pink!
Episode 17: What's This!? A Distressed Honoka's Meeting for Reading Research Papers
Episode 18: Camping, 'Hoy! Becoming reliant on Daddy!?
Episode 19: Hikari is worried! Nagisa's changing schools--Unbelievable!!
Episode 20: Namida's Farewell!? Rina's Ponpoko Tale
Episode 21: So soon? So often!? A Forbidden Encounter
Episode 22: The Horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure Cornered
Episode 23: Rebound the Dark Powers! Hope Uncovers a New Power!!
Episode 24: Adolescent Full Throttle! Yuka-senpai and Nagisa's Top Deciding Battle!
Episode 25: Hikari's Summer Day, Sanae's Reminiscence
Episode 26: Losing Nagisa! Everyone is Worried and Greatly Afraid!
Episode 27: Don't finish your Homework Yet! Pears and Storms and Zakennah!
Episode 28: Veroune Panic! The Naughty Ghost-Hunting Princess
Episode 29: No Way...Seriously...Really? Porun's Great Babysitter Strategy!
Episode 30: Do your best, Luloon! Weave the Future with the Power of Light
Episode 31: Valdez Reborn! Break Through with Teamwork at the Last Second!!
Episode 32: Protect us from Darkness! This World's Most Important Smile!
Episode 33: Stock up your Courage! Nagisa's Troublesome Birthday!!
Episode 34: Friends on a Journey! Zakennah on a Field Trip!?
Episode 35: A Seriously Dangerous Field Trip! Lovely Sliced Fish has a Dangerous Smell
Episode 36: Return to the Pit! Polun and Lulun's Great Adventure
Episode 37: Nagisa's Flying! Honoka's Dancing! Feel the Power of the Harvest on the Great Stage!
Episode 38: Goodbye, Honoka!? Our Bonds will Intensify Forever!
Episode 39: Burn out! The Young Lacrosse Finalist!!
Episode 40: Together, We are the Best! Full-Powered Rippin' Roarin' Nagisa and Ryouta!!
Episode 41: Deliver your Spirit! A Wandering Present of Courage!!
Episode 42: A Rink Full of Sweethearts? Slipping and Falling into Grave Danger!
Episode 43: The Final Winter Vacation! It's a Special Lesson for Zakennah!?
Episode 44: The Day Hikari Disappears, The Day We Search for Tomorrow!
Episode 45: Infinite Darkness, Eternal Light
Episode 46: Life-risking Attack! Dark Soldiers at Maximum Power!!
Episode 47: Open the Door! The Story Begins from Here

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