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Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chu: INFORMATION

Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chu
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The summer of a man's boyhood memories continue. Still on the cusp between childhood and being a man, he has linked with the ghost of a young woman from the World War 2 era. She, and the ghosts of other young ladies from that time, continue adventures alongside their linked partners, learning more about each other and travelling through time via their supernatural connection. While he struggles to see his crush on her come to fruition, meanwhile his friend- a girl his age, pretending to be a boy- seeks his attention as well.

Complete   13 out of 13   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance   Ecchi (Revealing/Tight clothing), Mild Language

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Episode 01: Summer Vacation
Episode 02: Gal and Do
Episode 03: The Time Traveling Girl
Episode 04: Light Blue Rain
Episode 05: Can't Stop the Romance
Episode 06: Jagged Heart Lullaby
Episode 07: Amagigoe
Episode 08: Computer Granny
Episode 09: Lonely Tropical Fish
Episode 10: Showa Blues
Episode 11: High School Lullaby
Episode 12: Radarman
Episode 13: You guys are Kiwi, Papaya, and Mango

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