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Major: Season 4: INFORMATION

Major: Season 4
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Season 4:: Goro's dream is to become a professional baseball player like his father. As he strives through the path towards the pro league, from infancy to adulthood, his passion for the game galvanizes all of those around him. Shigeharu Honda is a Major Leauge batter on the rise. His son Goro is a Little League pitcher who one day hopes to follow in his father's footsteps. Momoko Hoshino is Goro's schoolteacher, and the first woman Shigeharu has been interested in since the death of Goro's mother.

Complete   26 out of 26   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Comedy, Drama, Tournament   Mature Humor

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Episode 01: To the Birthplace of Baseball
Episode 02: Tryouts
Episode 03: Try it!
Episode 04: This is the Majors!
Episode 05: Sign towards the World
Episode 06: Unforgivable!!
Episode 07: Courage, full score!
Episode 08: Debut!
Episode 09: Challenger
Episode 10: It's not impossible
Episode 11: Try and aim for it
Episode 12: Liar!
Episode 13: A Stupid Bet
Episode 14: Keene's Past
Episode 15: Hero
Episode 16: I'm fed up!
Episode 17: Where to Aim
Episode 18: Alice's Dream, Everyone's Dream
Episode 19: Responsibility
Episode 20: Get out!
Episode 21: Trouble from the Start
Episode 22: The Single Ball of Fate
Episode 23: One More Deciding Match
Episode 24: A Great Man
Episode 25: A Truly Worthy Rival
Episode 26: An Oath

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