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Koutetsu Sangokushi: INFORMATION

Koutetsu Sangokushi
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A wanderer who is from a house with an ancient treasure, which is sought after by kings. The ancient treasure was seized from him by his king and he goes on a quest to recover this treasure. Only to be thrown into the middle of a battlefield.

Complete   25 out of 25   Japanese Subbed   HQ
Action, Adventure   Mature Audience, Girl Oriented

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Episode 01: Koumei who Stands in Opposition, the Freeing of Rikuson the Crimson at Koutou
Episode 02: Rikuson at a Loss, his Discovery of Sonken in Go's Capital
Episode 03: Assemble at Koutou's lands, young patriots
Episode 04: The Lone-Eyed Hero Entrusts Ryoutou with the Principles of a Warrior
Episode 05: A Grieving Ryoutou Roars in Agony as he Hunts Down a Bitter Enemy
Episode 06: In his Sorrow, Kannei of Suzu, Shoots an Arrow into the Battlefield
Episode 07: A Bewildered Rikuson Sees the Light in a Reunion with his Teacher
Episode 08: Shokatsuryou Koumei Inspires Sonken of Go with his Idea
Episode 09: The Young Warriors Assemble at Koutou's Hills and Rivers for Training
Episode 10: Go's Six Steeds Cause the Dawn Over Choukou to Gleam Red
Episode 11: The Team Dad Played On
Episode 12: Ingenuity and Cunning, the Sound of the Ominous Flute Reverberates Across the Lake Shore
Episode 13: Bi Shuurou Stands Upon the Battlefield to Guide Rikuson
Episode 14: The Wail of Son Go Wavers in Repose Offered by the Six Steeds
Episode 15: Gloomy Rikuson Vows to Recover with Sonken's Smile
Episode 16: Kan'u's Roar Strikes Rikuson which Forces him to Hold Determination
Episode 17: Reunion at the Thatched Hut, the Deep Connection Between Master and Disciple, Wedged Together in Ekishuu
Episode 18: The Sworn Brothers of the Peach Garden see the Flower of Ties in the Fields and Mountains of Shoku
Episode 19: Courageous Taishiji Stands Tall on the Earth of the Central Plains
Episode 20: Amou of Go Rises from Obscurity by Using His Young Wisdom
Episode 21: Kouryou's Setting Sun Seizes a Warrior's Soul
Episode 22: Ryuubi Goes Insane and Becomes a Frozen Shadow Wandering in Koutou
Episode 23: Son Chuubou, in the Snowfield, Follows Rikuson to Escape from his Homeland
Episode 24: Ryuubi's Weeping Gives a New Light to the Field
Episode 25: Riku Hakugen Dances on Gojougen Where Red Stars are Falling

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