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Kemono no Sou-ja Erin: INFORMATION

Kemono no Sou-ja Erin
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Erin-chan is the young 10 year old daughter of Soyon-san. She is an outsider in a village that takes care of the Grand Duke's military might, the toudas. Her mother, Soyon-san, is an outsider vet brought in to take care of the toudas. Erin-chan encounters many problems and learns many new things while aspiring to become a vet, like her mother, who cares for the all important toudas.

Complete   50 out of 50   Japanese Subbed   HQ
fantasy   Mild Language

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Episode 01: Green-eyed Erin
Episode 02: Soyon the Healer
Episode 03: The Fighting Beast
Episode 04: Secrets of the Mist
Episode 05: Erin and the Egg Thief
Episode 06: Soyon`s Warmth
Episode 07: A Mother`s Whistle
Episode 08: Joun the beekeeper
Episode 09: Honey and Erin
Episode 10: Dawn Bird
Episode 11: Inside the Gateway
Episode 12: Silver Feather
Episode 13: Valley of the Beast King
Episode 14: Mist People
Episode 15: Their Past
Episode 16: Iaru the Sezan
Episode 17: The Targeted Queen
Episode 18: Instructor Esal
Episode 19: Kazarum`s Friend
Episode 20: The Beast King Called Lilan
Episode 21: Disappearing Light
Episode 22: Echo of the Harp
Episode 23: Kazarum`s Oath
Episode 24: Song of Grief
Episode 25: Their Errand
Episode 26: Lilan`s Heart
Episode 27: Fallen To Hikara
Episode 28: Joun's Death
Episode 29: Beast's Tusks
Episode 30: The Fourth Winter
Episode 31: Bright Sky
Episode 32: Serious Crime
Episode 33: Flying
Episode 34: Ial And Erin
Episode 35: New Life
Episode 36: Final Exam
Episode 37: Birth
Episode 38: True Ruler Harumiya
Episode 39: Touda Attack
Episode 40: Darkening Country
Episode 41: The Truth About The Ruler
Episode 42: Seimiya's Tears
Episode 43: The Beast Healer
Episode 44: Akun-Meh-Chai
Episode 45: Caged Bird
Episode 46: The Bond Between The Two
Episode 47: A Pure Night
Episode 48: Dawn Of Tahai-Azeh
Episode 49: Final Battle
Episode 50: Beast Player

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