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Utawarerumono is about Hakuoro, everything about him is a mystery. The mask that he can't remove, a past he can't unravel and the very survival of the people who have chosen him as their leader. What Haruoro doesn't know is that he was gravely injured in a forest and left for dead.

A kind, young girl named Eluluu found him and nursed him back to health. Welcomed into a barren land where strange creatures roam, an angry god seeks vengeance and an oppressive government slaughters the innocent, while a bloody war looms on the horizon. Will the masked hero be able to liberate the people who saved him? Can he unlock the memories that elude him, or will he remain a stranger, even to himself?
Complete   26 out of 26   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction   Bad Language, Blood, Violence

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Agreed. By: DemonKairu On: Jan 08 2008
Its getting kinda irritating...y'know, waiting for this series to finally finish with its last few episodes. Get off the new series' and just get this one to an end. After that, do what u want. I know others are just as displeased as I am, anyway.


By: ImI3atman34 On: Jan 06 2008
I know you guys are really really busy...please update this series...I love it and I really want to see what happens!!!


episode 22 By: tap102oz On: Dec 20 2007
episode 22 is on the site but its not on the list i sent an email about it but if you dont want to wait here is the link to it just copy and paste English high quality http://animecrave.com/index.php?page=multimedia/anime_episodes/utawarerumono/episode_22_english_HQ english low quality http://animecrave.com/index.php?page=multimedia/anime_episodes/utawarerumono/episode_22_english_LQ


Browser prob? By: swimjim On: Dec 10 2007
I'm using the latest version of firefox and I can watch all the videos fine. It may be a vista or explorer problem. (That's the only thing I can think of.)


By: Mogis On: Dec 10 2007
Not the last two, they are still on the fritz. ):


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