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Steel Angel Kurumi: INFORMATION

Steel Angel Kurumi
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Steel Angel Kurumi is about Kurumi who was the most powerful creation ever invented. Designed by a brilliant mind, using otherworldly technology, bred for military use, the Steel Angel's intent was as revolutionary as it was mysterious. But when a young boy accidentally awakens the Steel Angel Kurumi, he becomes her Master and science and strategy are thrown a curve.

Now this multi-million dollar soldier is taking orders from a boy - and other forces are not happy about it. So Kurumi and her young master must seek out a secret lab and discover dangerous answers. Namely, why was Kurumi created in the first place? What is her true purpose? And why is a mysterious organization activating other beautiful, seductive, and powerful Steel Angels to destroy her?
Complete   24 out of 24   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance   Bad Language, Non-graphical Nudity and Blurred out nudity

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By: gorillaz On: May 13 2007
too short but otherwise seems interesting.


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