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Speed Grapher: INFORMATION

Speed Grapher
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Speed Grapher takes place over a decade after the Bubble War, when the global economy burst. The rich got richer, and the poor were out of luck. Welcome to Tokyo, the city where all the winners came to jerk each other off. If you’ve got money, you can buy anything your sick mind can dream up. If you don’t, you just try not to get crushed beneath the wheels.

Only the wicked rule here. Enter the Club, a secret society pandering to the ultra-rich and fulfilling their deepest desires… legal or otherwise. Sent to infiltrate the underground elite, Saiga, once a renowned war photographer now reduced to tabloid journalism, stumbles upon a depraved ceremony and discovers the ultimate beauty in Tokyo’s darkest catacombs. With a tragic young girl named Kagura in tow, Saiga flees from his enemies and his own inner demons. A single kiss has ignited a chain of events that could force the entire ruling class to their knees.
Complete   24 out of 24   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural   Bad Language, Blood, Violence, Non-graphical Nudity, and Blurred out nudity

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By: Gilgamesh On: Jun 12 2008
Hell, George Bush, Condi Rice, and even Don Rumsfield make an appeaerence!


By: VorpalBunny30 On: Apr 12 2008
I wouldn't venture to say that this is the best series I ever watched, but it is on the top ten. It forces you to want to see justice for the victim, and even flirts with the deep, dark, inner recesses within us.


By: Nalbas On: Mar 19 2008
I wasn't even sure if I'd like this anime so I kept brushing it off every time I'd think about watching it. Then I finally just bought the entire series on impulse and watched it straight through. I think it was pretty awesome. It deserves to your attention I think. :)


By: jasmineRain On: Feb 02 2008
this was the best show i've seen in my life!


By: Sexxiikittennikki On: Jan 17 2008
Really good! I haven't seen such an out there anime in awhile. Out of the ordinary kicks serious ass. Thanks bassy, I appreciate it =D


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