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Saikano is about Shuji and Chise, they are two high school students clumsily learning about love. But their courtship is interrupted when Chise is taken by the military and turned into a powerful secret weapon.

Foreign bombers attack the city of Sapporo, and Shuji and his friends are caught up in the devastation. Suddenly, the enemy planes are wiped out, and Shuji witnesses the awesome firepower of the ultimate weapon: his girlfriend Chise!
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction   Non-graphical Nudity, Adult Situations, Bad Language,Violence, and Blood

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By: plele1 On: May 08 2011
Well this was sad...and a little haphazard. I loved the main theme song, because it was so damn haunting. It makes me want to cry SMH too. Oh well,it true though we go through life trying to protect the ones we love even if it is pointless to try in a doomed situation.


Hmmm By: Keeva On: Mar 17 2008
Was a pretty interesting anime, the last episode was like 0_o But I knew it couldn't be the best ending, wasn't suppose to be. But I was confused lol.


By: Dynchia On: Feb 25 2008
Dynchia: Beautiful. Lynchia: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Dynchia: [Hands Lyn another hankie]


By: Mysticlm On: Dec 17 2007
boy meets girl boy kisses girl boy finds out girl is psychotic weapon


By: ShortChise On: Dec 06 2007
Ah... I'd recommed the manga. It isn't any less sad, but it is better. i've only read the first one, but it connects to me more than the anime.


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