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Rosario + Vampire Capu 2: INFORMATION

Rosario + Vampire Capu 2
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A new semester has arrived for Tsukune and the gang featuring a handfull of girl obsessed female first years and it seems like among these first years emerges another vampire who holds a grudge against her sister Moka

What shall this grudge lead to in the future and shall Tsukune suceed in taming this new problem child into his friend, no one knows what the future holds.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural   Blood, Bad Language, Violence, Non-graphical nudity, Blurred Nudity

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Who would you choose? By: madman23 On: May 18 2015
If you were Tsukune, which girl would you choose?


There is so much more material in the manga in the Rosario+ Vampire By: CATIAN1 On: Mar 14 2013
The series of Rosario + Vampire can easily go on for several seasons,there is so much material and story elements to choose from in the series that it is not even funny. They could easily do at least 5 seasons or more of this series easily. I enjoyed this anime series quite a bit myself,though the manga is alot heavier than the anime, indeed both the anime and manga of Rosario + vampire had alot to offer viewers and readers alike.Have a great afternoon everybody.


By: CATIAN1 On: Mar 12 2013
I feel they should keep the series going , I enjoyed both sasons very well. Ep 8 was just some mini eps with the wacky humor we come to know from Rosario + Vampire.


Ep. 8 By: JK001 On: Apr 01 2012
I thot it was jus 1 of thos episodes where its ok 2 miss it ua no???


By: anthonyscott On: Mar 13 2012
I think episode 8 was just more of a filler then anything or a corolations of things like how some will review old episodes.. where in this case they were more so just reviewing characters. but, yea episode 8 was a little strange. still love this anime.


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