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Reign The Conqueror
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Reign The Conqueror is a series that gives you a history lesson, anime style. In this anime History and Science Fiction collide as Alexander the Great, born to Olympias the pagan priestess, and King Phillip II, is prophesized to first rule and then destroy the world. In the ancient world of Macedonia, science and magic are one. One man controls them both.

Prince Alexander, son of King Philip, and heir to the Macedonian empire, must fend off political sabotuers, assassins, and the jealousy of his own father to ascend to the position of king. Once there, he begins his quest to conquer all nations and become known as the Great King, though an ancient prophecy fortells that he will be the destroyer of the world and forever remembered as the Devil King
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed   SD
Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural   Adult Situations, Violence, Blood

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they do need to make more toons this way! By: alexandermaxumus On: Jul 07 2015
It's almost historically correct but the anime and story line are way better than most of the zombie vampire anime they have around that have nothing to do with history. Hell my nephew learned about Alexander the great just from watching this toon and made an A in school on it.


Reign the Conqueror By: HugoStiglitz On: Apr 21 2013
I agree this Anime is awesome , Very "Outside the Box". I am watching on 4/20/2013 had to see this series again because I remember watching episodes at like 3a.m on Adult Swim many years ago and I have always ranked it high on my list seeing how im very into the history of the alexander era and I enjoy the way it's presented in Reign TC. My Top 5 animes are 5.)TriGun 4.)Bleach 3.)Hellsing 2.)Naruto/Shippuden 1.)Dragonball Z . . . Reign is in my top 10...


By: Tokyogoggles On: Mar 12 2013
I'm saying thank you to illincrux and Parsons13. thank you for sticking up for this anime. I love this series because of the history and the artwork. It's unfortunate that some people can't see it the same way we do. Most people look at that no story line, lovey dovey, and or vampire anime stuff. But when they look at this which is a fantastic story line they ether shun or talk shit about it. Also okay I admit that I'm exaggerating a bit but a lot of it is true. People, if you don't like something fine then go on to the next anime but don't be a crabypants! lol :3


By: Parsons13 On: May 09 2011
And if you think Im wrong, you suck...........and dont even tell me you like like those lame ass vampire anime shows........now they suck


By: Parsons13 On: May 09 2011
Trigun is also there......if anything, it's tied with Bleach for my number five


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