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Below you will find one of the webs largest selection of online anime entertainment. Anime Crave offers thousands of anime episodes, hundreds of anime series and anime movies and countless anime music/mp3s to suit your anime cravings.

Plus now if you cant find what you want or like then request it and we will do everything in our power to get it on the site and ready for your enjoyment! As always thank you for your continued support and for choosing anime crave!
Watch Anime Series
Watch full Anime episodes from hundreds of series. These Episodes come in your choice of video quality and language.
Watch Anime Movies
In the mood for an anime movie? Well we have them and if we don't have the anime movie you want to watch you can always request it!
Watch LIVE Action
Simply anime that has gone real. Real live actors like Jackie Chan, recreate anime series and anime movies.
Listen to Anime Music/MP3s
Listen to the music featured in the anime you watch. New songs are added constantly. Plus now you can add them to your profile.
Watch Anime Fansubs
Watch full anime episodes straight from Japan. Most of these series have not been released in the United States yet.
Watch Anime OVA's
Original Video anime offers a bit more to certain series. OVA usually incorporate side stories to series.
Watch Anime Trailers
Watch anime trailers before you commit to watching a series or to simply help you decide on what to watch.
Watch Anime Music Videos
What happens when you add anime and music? You get awesome music videos! Check them out.

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