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Peach Gir: The Review

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The Story

Momo wishes that she could have a normal high school experience. Hang out with friends, be on the swim team, have a boyfriend. But, things don't work out like that for her. Right before she entered into her new high school, she became sick. Momo finally got to school two weeks late, and by then everyone was off in their own clique. Momo thought that she was doomed to spend her high school years alone and friendless, but then Sae Kashiwagi came along.

Sae coming along might not have been the best thing for Momo. Sure, at first she seemed really friendly, and was the only one that would talk to her, but Sae is definitely two-faced. She would go shopping with Momo, criticize her choice of bag, lipstick, shoes, etc., and then after Momo had left, she would run back and buy it. This attitude was starting to get on Momo's nerves, but what could she do? Sae was her only friend. All she had to do was keep the things that she really coveted secret. Things like Toji (Kazuya Toujigamori), the guy that Momo had been crushing on since middle school, also the reason why she had come to this school in the first place.

Things start getting complicated when Sae starts to suspect that Momo has a crush on one of the boys. She asks Momo if she likes anyone, suspecting that Momo likes Toji. Momo, not wanting Sae to guess who she likes, and therefore steal him, tells Sae that she likes Kairi, the school's playboy. Sae immediately moves in on him, but to her surprise, Kairi sees right through her "good girl" appearance, and rejects her. After that, rumors are spread about Momo and Kairi, much to Momo's dismay. Kairi then starts telling a story about how Momo kissed him, which she profusely denies. He then reminds her of this time, two years ago, when she saved a drowning boy, and performed mouth to mouth resuscitation, in his opinion, a kiss. Momo laughs and tells him that the person he "kiss" was actually the male life-guard. Kairi then says, "Fine, let's make it true." and kisses her.

Cue more problems for Momo. While she is "going out" with Kairi, Toji inadvertently hears a conversation in which Momo says that she likes Toji. This all snowballs with high emotions, mixed feelings, betrayal, and manipulation. Peach girl is the story of finding love, losing it, and then finding it again. It shows that love might not always be perfect, but that there is definitely someone out there who will love you and support you. Characters have their own stories, personalities, and secrets, that will impact the story.

Momo's reputation goes down the tubes many times throughout Peach Girl. Firstly, her appearance gives her a bad reputation, incurring the spite of the girls at her school and the attention of old men. Secondly, Sae gives her a bad name, spreading rumors about her. Then Momo has boy trouble, when both Kairi and Toji have feelings for her. For most of the series, Momo waffles between these two boys, causing much distress for both characters and viewers. Because of this indecisiveness, and because she comes to school with a different one on an almost alternating routine, her friends sometimes support her or spite her. But, one can sympathize with Momo, because she is truely a nice girl, and faced with a difficult choice. .

Peach Girl is a fun, pretty anime, and appeals to the romantic in everyone. It does become a bit repetitive ( I mean, there should be only so many times that characters get back together), but since the situations are always different, it is still enjoyable to watch. One thing that is wonderful about Peach Girl are the bright colors. This is easily seen in the pictures that I posted. It has very little detailing, but this makes the images more blatant. The bright colors make it fun to watch, and gives Peach Girl an overall feeling of innocence.

Character: Momo Adachi

Momo is the protagonist of Peach Girl. The name for the show comes from the English translation of Momo (which means Peach). For her whole life, Momo has been at a disadvantage. She's a member of the swim team, so this means that she spends a lot of time outdoors. Unfortunately, Momo tans really easily, and her hair bleaches in the pool. This gives her the overall appearance of a Ganguro girl (girls who are generally considered slutty and promiscuous, at least in the anime and manga world). Her appearance has caused her many problems, as she is regularly approached by old men. Her love life has also taken a toll, because she heard from a friend that the boy she liked, Toji, did not like girls with dark skin. This provoked Momo to stay out of the sun, and to apply sun-screen, to little effect. Later, she finds out that this is a lie, and she and Toji get together. Momo has a friend, well, not really a friend, named Sae, whose goal in life is to undermine Momo. Sae continually blackmails and steals Momo's boyfriends.

Character: Sae Kashiwagi

Sae is a pale, petite, and pretty girl. Her innocent appearance contrasts with Momo's, who looks like a ganguro girl ( Ganguro is a term that refers to tanned girls, with light colored hair, who are generally considered prostitutes or at least promiscuous.)When Momo came in to school, late, because she had been sick, Sae was the only one who talked to her. Sae, however, is not looking out for Momo. In fact Sae enjoys spreading rumors about Momo, and in general wrecking havoc on her life. Sae is shown in many different forms, such as; with cat ears, as a paper-thin version of herself, or as a chibi-version of herself.

Character: Kairi Okayasu

Kairi first met Momo a long time ago. He had tried to drown himself at a beach where she was life-guarding. She pulled him out of the water. Kairi thought that Momo was the one to give him CPR, but it actually wasn't her. He has a joyous character, and is carefree. He has a reputation as a playboy. Kairi is introduced into the anime when Momo lies and says that she likes him, instead of Toji, whom she really likes. This causes Sae to do what she always does, try steal away the things that make Momo happy. But Kairi sees through Sae's facade, much to everyone's amazement. Kairi is a combination of Momo's support, her best friend, and her boyfriend. He vies with Toji for Momo's affection. His relationships with Momo are rocky, because Kairi has feelings for Misao, the school nurse, who was his first love. His name can also be translated as Kiley.

Character: Kazuya (Toji) Toujigamori

Momo and Toji have gone to school together for a long time. Momo had a crush on him in middle-school, but was told by a friend that Toji doesn't like girls with dark skin. Momo then labored (unsuccessfully) to get rid of her tan. Momo even, purposely, went to the same high school as him. Toji eventually finds out that Momo likes him, and reveals that he also had a crush on her. They go out, and break up, numerous times throughout the story. Toji is kind, but very naive. His unwillingness to believe Momo causes many difficulties throughout Peach Girl.

Character: Ryo Okayasu

Ryo is Kairi's older brother. He seems to like Kairi, but Kairi flat-out hates him. Ryo is very similar to Sae, and he treats Kairi the same way that Sae treats Momo. When Momo meets Ryo, she is drawn by his charms, and refuses (stupidly and hypocritically) to believe that Ryo is like Sae. Kairi has had to fight with the misconception that Ryo is a nice guy, for all his life. Sae falls in love with Ryo, and she is manipulated by him, just like everyone else. Misao, the school nurse, who also when to school with Ryo, has a crush on him. It is possible that Ryo feels the same way about her, but Misao doesn't know the real Ryo. Ryo is a very successful game designer.

Character: Misao Aki

Misao is the school's nurse. She went to school with Ryo Okayasu (Kairi's older brother). Misao became Kairi's tutor, when he was having trouble in school. According to Kairi, she was the first girl who liked him for himself, and not because of his older brother. Kairi is secretly in love with Misao. Misao, on the other hand, is secretly in love with Ryo. Misao is the innocent villain in the story, because Kairi and Ryo both have feelings for her, and their girlfriends don't like that. Misao had a low self-esteem. She thinks that she is over-weight, and ugly.

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