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Angelique: The Review

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There are two young girls, Angelique and Rosalia, who have been chosen to compete, as Queen Candidates, to become the Queen of the Cosmos. Angelique had never aspired to be Queen, is uncertain of herself. Rosalia was raised since birth to become the next Queen, and is very confident, especially since she is competing against Angelique. These two girls are taken away from everything they have ever known, and are taken to the Flying City to begin their examination. Only one of them will become the Queen.

The competition is this: With the help of the Guardian Sages (Read next paragraph for more information), they must each raise and cultivate a continent. Angelique is assigned the continent of Elysion; Rosalia is assigned the twin continent of Felicia. To develop these continents, they must call on the Guardian Sages to help them, by sending Sacrae (magic) to their continent. The person who best cultivates her continent will become the next Queen. There is a comment, during the OVA, that both of the names of the continents mean happiness, so the names are probably variations of Felicity and Elation.

There are nine Guardian Sages, who channel a certain power. These Guardians are all male, and of all different ages (ranging from about 15 to 25)These powers are Earth, Light, Darkness, Steel, Wind, Fire, Water, Greenery, and Dreams. This power seems limitless, but it will one day fade. Some of these powers can be understood from the Western point of view, with the common elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, but with a few extras. As commonly found, these elements all have opposites: Light and Dark; Fire and Water; etc, and these opposites don't always get along.

One interesting facet of this OVA is that the people aren't doing these things voluntarily. Angelique is dragged into this, and so was Zephel. The Guardians are chosen because of their control of magic, not because they want to be them. This in itself causes animosity to bloom admit the Guardians.

As in most animes, there is the element of romance. One of the "couples" in the anime is Angelique and Oscar, Guardian of Fire. There seems to be something more than friendship between them, but (sadly) in the OVA there is never any real extension to that. Rosalia, the other Queen Candidate, seems to have feelings for Randy, but this is also undeveloped.

Angelique has a pretty standard plot. There is nothing new or exceptionally exciting about it. Now, that does not mean that it isn't enjoyable, as a matter of fact I (Laura) very much enjoyed this OVA. Some things that I didn't like were: how short it was (the OVA is only three thirty-ish minute long episodes); the underdeveloped plot; and how it ended. There are things left hanging in the end, but worry not Angelique has sequels, that might further all these things.

Character: Angelique Limoges
Angelique is one of the two Queen Candidates. Unlike Rosalia, Angelique has had no training to become queen, so she is nervous at first and unsure of herself. She does not have any of Rosalia's poise, but she is a kind and gentle girl. When she was transported to the world where she would be tested, she responded with the joy of a child, much to Rosalia's discomfort. Angelique is assigned to cultivate the continent of Eylsion (Elation?) as part of the competition. Even though Angelique isn't very experienced or mature, she still tries to do her best in the competition. She is kind to the Guardians and they freely give her their help. It appears that she likes Oscar, the Guardian of Fire, who may or may not return these feelings. Zephel, Guardian of Steel, seems to like her too, but it's not determined if it is just as a friend or not. Angelique sometimes, in the eyes of the Guardians, has wings and long hair, very angelic, causing some confusion as to which is the real Angelique.

Character: Rosalia de Catargene
Rosalia de Catargene is the more poised and proper of the two Candidates. She was trained since birth to compete to become the Queen, and she is a bit irritated that she is competing against the clumsy but friendly Angelique. Rosalia and Angelique do eventually become friends, but they are still very different. Rosalia makes friends with Randy, the Guardian of the Wind (rival of Zephel, see the difference yet?). She has been assigned the continent of Felicia (Felicity?) to cultivate. Rosalia seems like a calm and self-aware person, but she is not certain if she can beat the pure Angelique in the competition to become Queen.

Character: Zephel
Zephel is the Guardian of Steel. After he got to know Angelique a bit better, he started to secretly send her continent Steel Sacrae. Zephel never wanted to be a Guardian, but was forcibly brought to the Flying Castle. He resents having to stay there, and is usually running off. He sees some of himself in Angelique, because she never desired or expected to become a Queen Candidate. Zephel has problems dealing with Randy, Guardian of Wind, and this can cause explosive fights.

Character: Oscar
Oscar is the Guardian of Fire. He is the first Guardian to meet Angelique (her carriage broke down and he found her alone in a field). Oscar sees her as a long-haired angel, and is somewhat disconcerted by the vision. Angelique didn't know that he was a Guardian, and he didn't know that she was a Queen Candidate. Oscar seems to be developing feelings for Angelique, but he could just be a lady's man. Much to Angelique's annoyance, he called the Oujochan (sort of like, "Young miss."). She wants him to call her Angelique, and to not treat her like a child.

Character: Lumiale
Lumiale is the Guardian of Water. He doesn't play the largest role, but he does help Angelique to better understand the problems between Zephel and Randy. Lumiale is almost always shown with him hand-held harp. He and Oscar, Guardian of Fire do not get along very well, as indicated by their elements.

Character: Olivie
Olivie is the Guardian of Dreams. He has a very flamboyant appearance, wearing boas and having multi-coloured hair. He is one of the few Guardians that was nice to Angelique and one of the first to send his power to Elysion. Olivie is presumed to be homosexual, but this is contradicted when he asks people if the will fight with or help him to win Angelique.

Character: Randy
Randy is the Guardian of Wind. Instead of being friendly with Angelique, he and Rosalia seem to get along well. Randy has problems with Zephel, and can't understand him. Like Lumiale, who alwasy carries a harp, Randy is almost always seems with his bow and arrows.

Character: Julious
Julious is the Guardian of Light. He is one of the older Guardians and has a bit of an austere appearance. He isn't very confident in Angelique, but says that he didn't vote for her based on statistics, not on how he feels about her. Julious's natural balance is Clavis, Guardian of Darkness. Julious was the first to send his Sacrae to Elysion.

Character: Clavis
Clavis is the Guardian of Darkness. He is also one of the older Guardians. He keeps to himself, not offering many opinions. One of Clavis's interests seems to be Tarot cards and looking into a glass ball, possible Mystic?

Character: Marcel
Marcel is the Guardian of Greenery (Plants and apparently Animals). He is the youngest Guardian, and is only about 14-15. Marcel loves peace, so he tries to play the mediator between Zephel and Randy, but they still fight. Marcel is often shown with a blue bird, who seems to be his friend. He is friendly with the two Goddess Candidates.

Character: Luva
Luva is the Guardian of Earth. Most commonly found in the library with his books. He is a kind and peaceful person.

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