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Balzak-Sol Tekkaman (2)

Commander Jamison (1)

Dagger-Tekkaman Dagger (3)

Darkon (3)

David-Tekkaman Summer (1)

Dead-Tekkaman Dead (2)

Generel Galt (2)

Grant Goddard-Tekkaman Axe (2)

Group (50)

Kain Carter-Tekkaman Saber (7)

Katherine Carter-Tekkaman Sword (3)

Lance-Tekkaman Lance (3)

Mac Mackelroy (1)

Maggie Mathewson (1)

Natasha (3)

Nick Carter-Tekkaman Blade (25)

Pegus (2)

Ringo Richards-Sol Tekkaman (4)

Shara Carter-Tekkaman Rapier (4)

Spider Crabs (3)

Star Summers-Tekkaman Red (26)

Tina Corman (2)

Umi-Tekkaman Hiver (11)
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