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Guidlines: The Do's and Do Not's of the AC Community

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Guidlines: The Do's and Do Not's of the AC Community

Postby James » February 27th, 2015, 7:12 pm

I have noticed there is no obvious topic or anything related to the rules/guidelines/standards/etc of the shout box. I have noticed people ask me and other moderators "what are the rules." to which the usual replies seem to by either "there aren't any rules per say" or "just be respectful to others and no trolling."

So I am posting this to set the record straight. I think this should be moved up near the top of the lists above our announcements. These rules may pertain to more than the shoutbox but the community of AC as a whole. With coming advancements to how we allow customers and consumers to access our media the community is going to grow astronomically. And we can't just having anyone trolling around saying anything and everything that comes to mind be it offensive or something of the like.

Other Admins and moderates feel free to chime in and make your opinions known. I will edit as we go until we have an exact expectation of boundaries we expect people to respect. So I will start us off.

1. No trolling other members.
2. No impersonation of other members.
3. No "Excessive spamming (I think it is reasonable for some spamming if the others are enjoying it.)
4. Be considerate of others beliefs and feelings (we have all walks of life in our community ages 12 and up, from various countries and religions.)
5. Offensive language is acceptable within reason, or in moderation.
6. When in shoutbox our moderator SuperAnon has asked and enforced that people stick to using one profile. Bare in mind we can tell the difference between two people in the same house, and one person switching between accounts.

In general use common sense, morals and mutual respect with the others. In some cases you may only be temporarily kicked, in others you may be perma-banned, at the discretion of the moderators and Admins. This article is subject to change, and the perspective of other member can and will be taken into account for adjustments to be tailored to our community style.

The authoritative actions will only be performed once a member has done something to deserve it. As usual at the discretion of the moderators and Administrators.
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