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The Twelve Kingdoms (Anime and Novel) Discussion

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Which do you like better the Anime or the Novels of The Twelve Kingdoms?

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The Twelve Kingdoms (Anime and Novel) Discussion

Postby Pandora53 » March 3rd, 2012, 12:17 pm

Hello, I am Pandora53 and this is my first post here. Please be kind.

I have watched The Twelve Kingdoms twice and I am on my third time. I absolutely love it. I also love the books. But sadly the anime only goes through the first 4 out of 11 books. To make matters worse, the English translation of the books seems to of been cancelled. (No clue why).

(Basically with what episodes and books there are), I am asking what you think of them. Also if, you have any favorite characters? Also curious about what you think about the cancellation of the English translations?

:inlove with The Twelve Kingdoms
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