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whats a good school anime to watch?

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whats a good school anime to watch?

Postby Evergence » September 23rd, 2007, 9:59 pm

Hopefully everyones up on the school anime stuff im talking about as Ive watched Busuo Renkin - High School Girls - School Days - obviosly some Bleach - I My Me Strawberry Egg and Strawberry Panic oh and Ouran High Host Club and Best student Council.

or slice of life anime as well??
any suggestions??

(P.S I keep being told I cant post in the Public forums cos im not a LIVE member :? )
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Postby Ezethrell » September 24th, 2007, 7:52 am

Green Green

(also ive been having the same problems even though ive been live, but not currently....)
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Postby Curt » September 24th, 2007, 12:54 pm

Suzuka and Great Teacher Onizuka.
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