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Where are the Souten no Ken and Gundam 00 updates???

PostPosted: February 18th, 2009, 6:45 pm
by DarkNemesis
Happy Customer would like to know :D

PostPosted: March 2nd, 2009, 8:27 pm
by Ryan
they are here ... sorry for the late reply but i got sick for a good week and then we lost a member of the staff so it was all a big mess to sort out. thankfully its sorted out updates should flow weekly as the episodes are released

PostPosted: June 19th, 2009, 4:09 pm
by DarkNemesis
no more souten no ken? oh deh noes!!

PostPosted: June 21st, 2009, 1:54 am
by Ryan
i been having some trouble finding a good version of these but i will have a brand new batch ready for you tomorrow ^_^

EDIT: i lied souten no ken is up to date. i cant find any more releases. i will keep digging :wink:

PostPosted: November 1st, 2009, 12:09 pm
by DarkNemesis
It's been almost 6 months. No, more updates. I is sad.

PostPosted: November 5th, 2009, 12:28 am
by Ryan
sorry no releases from souten no ken... its odd usually the longest thy go is about two weeks but its as if they stopped subbing it. ill try looking for a different group but i doubt there are any

PostPosted: November 5th, 2009, 9:22 am
by KeKe
welcome to the world of fansubbing.... there hsould be a disclaimer for stuff like that