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Chromcast on animecrave

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Chromcast on animecrave

Postby The-Anime-Critic-WB » December 25th, 2013, 12:15 pm

I just got Chromcast so I could watch shows from my computer on my TV but animecrave videos don't seem to work for the shadow mode.I have discovered it only supports specific video types. They are mp4,mp3 and flash video. The commercials work fine though. What do your videos run on and is there any thing I can download to make it work like for instance whats the difference between the commercials and your videos?
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Re: Chromcast on animecrave

Postby Bassam » December 29th, 2013, 6:54 pm

Hey there,

Our videos are .wmv so they only play using silverlight or windows media player. I'm not sure how Chromecast actually works, but sounds like it wouldn't work for AC.

Personally I have a mini tower connect to my TV at all times, then I used mobile mouse apps to navigate. So I'm able to watch anything on AC without issues. Before that I used to just hook up my laptop to the TV, I would use a mobile mouse then to.

I know this might be a little more trouble, however this is all that can be done for now.That is until the site starts to gain a lot more traffic and bring in the needed money. Only then would we be able to change how our videos play and become more compatible with things like Chromecast, Tablets & so on.
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