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Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest

Postby kye_x » October 13th, 2012, 2:47 am

I am extremely intrigued by this anime.
At first i was a tad overwhelmed, the first episode time jumped a bit.
I wasnt always sure if we were foreseeing into the future, looking into the past or seeing the present but, after a second watch it was clear to me.

The story revolves around Mahiro Fuwa, a teenager whose family was mysteriously murdered one year before and his friend Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro is contacted by Hakase Kusaribe, the leader of the Kusaribe clan who was left stranded on an unknown desert island by her followers, and agrees to help Hakase in exchange of her help to find out the culprit for the death of his family. Upon learning of his friend's intentions, Yoshino joins him on his quest to stand against the Kusaribe clan who intends to awake the "Tree of Zetsuen" whose power can bring ruin to the entire world.

Only two episodes have aired so far, but my attention has for sure been grabbed.

I requested it be added to the anime list (:

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