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Beelzebub The Anime

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Beelzebub The Anime

Postby nsk1982 » September 6th, 2010, 6:31 pm

Ryūhei Tamura's famous manga Beelzebub has finally been approved for production with the first episodes slated for Winter of 2011. The animation production will be done by Pierrot which has worked on series such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Xxxholic, Naruto and KissXSis. The story revolves around a high school freshman named Oga Tatsumi who is also know as as Demon Oga because of his violent and sadistic nature. One day while beating up a bunch of his opponents by a river bank, he finds a man being carried down by the current. As he pulls him out, the man unexpectedly splits in two and from within pops out a baby. As the story progresses, he encounters the baby's gothic babysitter, Hildagarde, who tell him that the baby, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, i.e. Beel, is in fact the future Demon Lord and has come from Hell to look for parents so he can be raised among humans and also destroy them while being raised. Having been chosen a Beel's parent because of his violent nature, Oga now has to deal with raising up Beel while preventing him destroying the world. Can Oga tone down his violent nature long enough to get Beel to choose a different parent? Throw is a school full of delinquents and yankees and the fact that everyone hates the freshman known as Demon Oga because of his undefeated stature, also that moving any more than 15 meters away from Beel would mean instant death for Oga, can he really survive through this ordeal?
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