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Heat Guy J

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Heat Guy J

Postby Curt » October 3rd, 2006, 12:21 am

The city of Judoh, which looks suspiciously like New York City, is overwhelmed by crime. Fortunately, the chief of police seems to have a decent budget: he can afford to hire his lazy brother to investigate "possible future crimes" for the city's Safety Management Agency. He can also afford a very expensive android.

Heat Guy J floats on a thin premise, often threatening to topple into nonsense. It stays buoyant by virtue of its lively art design, whose rounded, almost cartoony shapes (by the team from Escaflowne) recollect Osamu Tezuka, or at least Rintaro's Tezuka-inspired Metropolis. The genre should be familiar to most anime fans: detective show in which a jokester is paired with a serious, and often unstoppable, sidekick. Throw them in a cyberpunk environment and mix well. Daisuke Aurora is the jokester, tooling around town on an improbably chopped motorcycle that would probably scare the cast of Akira. Each episode more or less stands alone, but there are a number of recurring plot threads—the insane mob boss Clair Leonelli (who has a penchant for tossing grenades for fun), the mysterious Shop (out to capture J for its own)—and a modicum of plot development before each episode's stylish fight scene. Daisuke's frustrated brother Shun, perky assistant Kyoko, and sultry programmer Dr. Bellucci (modeled after actress Monica Bellucci) round out the regular cast. The hard rock soundtrack with a touch of jazz flavor (meant to sound like Yoko Kanno, I suppose) spices up the action.

What Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun do for westerns, Heat Guy J does for police shows. That is basically to take the conventions of the genre and plunk it in the future, adding some more anime-like characteristics on the way. The episodes are all pretty self-contained and most simply exercise modern-day crimes the way they would be in the future, many having to do with the mafia I mentioned in the synopsis. A few focus on more futuristic crimes, such as the guys who make guns (which is illegal) and the man who coaxes people into leaving the city so he can steal their identities and give them to illegal immigrants (that's sort of modern, I guess). Daisuke even has a nickname ("Dice") and visits mysterious informants to get word from the streets.

Verdict:8.0/10(Though most of you are GITS addicts; I personally enjoyed this more. Subtract a star if you dislike the animation used in Escaflowne, or if you think this will not topple the premise of GITS.)
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Postby Soldierofflames06 » April 1st, 2011, 8:56 pm

WOW I watched this show back when it aired on MTV!! I didn't get to finish it! I SO want to though! I liked it. I even have the soundtrack which I've listened to countless times! I've also read the manga that Tokyopop released. I'm going to put this back on my watch list and request it here now! :D
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