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In order to enjoy animecrave.com to its fullest we urge you to sign up for our LIVE membership. LIVE is the root system on which animecrave was built on. With a LIVE account you can access every single part of the website & experience anime like never before. Best of all it is only $5 a month, scroll down for more information on what you get with Live & how to upgrade!

Anime Series
With AC LIVE you get full Access to all anime series!
Anime Movies
With AC LIVE you get full Access to all anime movies!
Live Action
With AC LIVE you get full Access to all lvie action videos!
Anime Fansubs
With AC LIVE you get full Access to all anime fansubs!
With AC LIVE you get full Access to all OVA's!
Much More!
Read below for even more information about Live. Ready to become a Live member click here! (You will need to register before ordering Live)
+ Costs only $5 a month.
Unlike other websites we only charge $5 a month. We don't hassle you with multiple payment options, one payment grants you 30 days of AC Live. You do not have to subscribe & if you do decide to, you can cancel at anytime.

+ No Pesky wait time or download time.
All the anime featured in anime crave is hosted on private, fast and secure servers. Plus all the anime is Stream ready, which means you can watch anime without having to download it or install unwanted software on your computer. Not only that but you don't have to wait for the entire episode to load. The Anime Crave system gives you the ability to skip forward/backward on any episode as many times you want! Loading is instantaneous and FAST!

+ The Quality and Preference!
Unlike any other site out there Anime Crave has gone way and beyond to bring you the anime the way you want and need it. We understand that sometimes connections can be slow so we create a version of every single episode just for those connections, the best part is that it looks as good as the original. We also offer High Quality on almost all our series & we now offer HD at no additional cost! The anime comes straight from the DVD/Blu-ray release! Plus you have a choice on what language you want to hear on most of the anime. We offer original Japanese with subtitles and English Dubs!

+ Massive Selection.
If we are yet to convince you, then we have something special for you. Anime Crave offers thousands of episodes, movies, fansubs, ova's, music videos, images, songs, and the list goes on! Plus soon we will release the highly anticipated manga reader as well as point store where you can earn points by simply being a member! All that for less than 17 cents a day!

+ Trust and Reliability!
AC prides itself in always being there for our members. Our members are our number one priority and making sure anime is always up and running is a must. The entire AC team works around the clock making sure you are well accommodated and enjoying your stay here. If something goes wrong we will work with you all the way to get it fixed. That's our promise to you!

+ No Video ads or sliding ads!
In order to make our speeds even faster, by upgrading to AC LIVE we will take all video ads away! No more waiting for those to end! Your videos will play instantly, we will also remove any sliding ads that may get annoying at times.

+ All about you.
This site is all about its members. We keep working on new features and ways to make your stay here the best possible! So hurry up and Join today! Less than 17 cents a day gets you the experience of a lifetime, and the team and site to back it up!

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