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the Serial Experiments Lain
The first episode opens with the mysterious suicide of a high-school girl, Chisa Yomoda. Chisa-chan was a classmate of Lain Iwakura, a quiet, 14-year-old high-school girl. One of the other girls in the class has been receiving e-mail messages from Chisa-chan, and Lain discovers she also has mail from Chisa-chan. In the mail she explains to Lain that she just abandoned her flesh. She assures lain that she still is alive in the 'wired' world. After getting a new 'navi' and adding a 'psyche' circuit, Lain spends more and more time in the wired. It seems that Lain has at least 2 personalities, and Lain's first personality is changing even now. Who is lain? Who are the 'knights'? Can the wired influence the real world with a prophecy? Is the real world nothing but a hologram of the information in the wired?
Song Title
1) Duvet (Opening)  Add to my Favorites
2) Lains Theme  Add to my Favorites
3) Pulse Beat  Add to my Favorites
4) Inner Vision  Add to my Favorites
5) Different Dimension Of_Fog  Add to my Favorites
6) FreeZone  Add to my Favorites
7) Working Mans Theme  Add to my Favorites
8) Just Like A Lizard  Add to my Favorites
9) Ballad Of Silly  Add to my Favorites
10) Theme Of A Hilly Road  Add to my Favorites
11) Far Shout Ending Theme  Add to my Favorites
12) Signal of Lonliness Images Song  Add to my Favorites
13) Theme Of Lain Reprise  Add to my Favorites
14) Wind of Time  Add to my Favorites
15) Family Portrait  Add to my Favorites

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