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Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon is a story about a klutzy, crybaby, 14 year old underachiever named Tsukino Usagi who was given some transformation items and super powers. Usagi transforms into the pretty, sailor suited fighter called Sailor Moon to fight against evil. But even as the super hero, Sailor Moon is klutzy and a crybaby. Then as time goes by, Usagi is joined by some other girls to form a team of sailor suited fighters.Sailor Moon is a story aimed at young girls (4 to 12 years old), and can be considered a magical girl story. The manga is written by Takeuchi Naoko, and it is running in the monthly magazine Nakayoshi. However because of various reasons, Sailor Moon has gathered a lot of fans from people of all age groups, and has become one of the most popular anime in Japan today.
Song Title
1) Moonlight Densetsu (Opening)  Add to my Favorites
2) Fire Soul Love  Add to my Favorites
3) Golden Queen Galaxia  Add to my Favorites
4) Heart Moving  Add to my Favorites
5) Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto  Add to my Favorites
6) La Soldier  Add to my Favorites
7) Moon Revenge  Add to my Favorites
8) Sailor Star Song  Add to my Favorites
9) Suki to Itte  Add to my Favorites
10) Sanji no Yousei  Add to my Favorites
11) Someday Somebody  Add to my Favorites
12) Tuxedo Mirage  Add to my Favorites
13) Watashi  Add to my Favorites

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