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R.O.D The TV
A little into the future from now. A few years after the army's "Human Selection Campaign". In a street somewhere in Hong Kong, there was a detective office. The name of it was "The Three Sisters Detective Company". The 3 beautitful sisters there were working day and night to settle an incident regarding a book. The girls' names are Anita, Maggy and Michelle. The oldest sister Michelle who likes all kinds of books, Maggie and even the youngest sister Anita who doesn't like adult books, in truth possesses the special power of a "paper user". Using and not using their powers, what will happen to the cases they get?
Song Title
1) Moments in the Sun (Opening)  Add to my Favorites
2) Are You Joking, Readman  Add to my Favorites
3) Public Pressure Version  Add to my Favorites
4) Health and Peace  Add to my Favorites
5) To Die in the Country  Add to my Favorites
6) Read or Die Suite  Add to my Favorites
7) Urge for War  Add to my Favorites
8) Blue Time  Add to my Favorites
9) Do You See the Dream of the Reissue of the Sleeping Book  Add to my Favorites
10) Adventure of the Bookshelf Detective  Add to my Favorites
11) Sometimes They Come Back  Add to my Favorites
12) Moving Shadow  Add to my Favorites
13) I Love Hong Kong  Add to my Favorites
14) My Flowing Tears  Add to my Favorites
15) Close Friend  Add to my Favorites
16) I Really Love Books  Add to my Favorites

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