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My-Hime is a series about Mai Tokiha who before coming to the Fuka Academy, wanted nothing more then to live an ordinary high school life but that’s the last thing she’s going to get. It turns out that Mai is a HiME, one of twelve girls with super-natural powers that are gathered at this school to fight the Orphans, demons that dwell around the school. A secret organization has other plans for the HiME than just demon-busting and Mai and the other HiME will have to risk something precious to protect the ones they love. Click Here Now! to visit this section of the website.
Song Title
1) Shining Days  Add to my Favorites
2) Kimi ga Sora Datta  Add to my Favorites
3) Ensei  Add to my Favorites
4) Its Only the Fairy Tale  Add to my Favorites
5) Chiisana Hoshi ga Oriru Toki  Add to my Favorites
6) Mezame  Add to my Favorites
7) Soyokaze no Diary  Add to my Favorites
8) Duran Shoukan  Add to my Favorites

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