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Macross II
The story takes place in 2092,[3] 80 years after the events depicted in Macross: Do You Remember Love? The SDF-1 Macross still exists, as does the U.N. Spacy Minmay Attack stratagem, which has been successfully employed to thwart the Zentradi threat ever since. However, a new humanoid alien race called the Marduk (Mardook in the original Japanese version), arrives in the Solar System with enslaved Zentradi and Meltlandi warriors who are seemingly unaffected by the Minmay Attack. The Marduk employ their own female singers, called Emulators, who incite their giant warriors with songs. The story focuses on reporter Hibiki Kanzaki, who is caught in the middle of the action when he rescues an Emulator, Ishtar, while covering a battle between the U.N. Spacy and the Marduk. Hibiki proceeds to teach her about Earth's culture, which she then shares with the rest of the Marduk. However, the Marduk leader, Emperor Ingues, considers Earth's culture anathema. With the help of ace fighter pilot Silvie Gena, Hibiki and Ishtar attempt to end the war.
Song Title
1) A Hush Like 200 Million Years (Opening)  Add to my Favorites
2) Marduk  Add to my Favorites
3) Scooper  Add to my Favorites
4) Crisis  Add to my Favorites
5) Banana Moon Of Love  Add to my Favorites
6) Mysterious Energy Goes Out Of Control  Add to my Favorites
7) Lovers  Add to my Favorites
8) Operation 200  Add to my Favorites
9) Emulator  Add to my Favorites
10) The Ship Of The Alus  Add to my Favorites
11) Riding In Your Valkyrie  Add to my Favorites
12) The Distant Macross  Add to my Favorites
13) Alzan Ee Arth Glorg Destroy All  Add to my Favorites
14) Parting  Add to my Favorites
15) For Now A Friend  Add to my Favorites
16) Young Blood  Add to my Favorites
17) All Out War  Add to my Favorites
18) Ishtar  Add to my Favorites
19) Deja Vu Stay With Me (Closing)  Add to my Favorites

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