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Record Of Lodoss War
Record Of Lodoss War is a series about Lodoss which has always been in turmoil, wars the norm and not the exception for thousands of years. Now, the tide of this bitter conflict is about to turn drastically for the worse, which is where an unlikely party of six join together under a common cause. There is Parn, the young fighter with an incredible destiny; Deedlit, the beautiful elf with deadly skill and a crush on Parn; Etoh, Parn's old friend and a priest of Falis; Slayn, a powerful wizard; Ghim, a tough old dwarf with secrets; and Woodchuck, the cynical but otherwise good-natured thief. Set in a war between Emperor Beld of Marmo and King Fahn of Valis, once the closest of friends. Beld is ready to send armies of darkness to strike without mercy. Meanwhile, the wizard Wagnard, Beld's advisor, intends to revive the Goddess of Destruction, Kardis, by stealing an ancient scepter. All the while, the Grey Witch, Karla, makes her moves behind the scenes, manipulating everyone so that no one man has all the power. This is what these six must face ad they see sights, meet allies, and face enemies beyond imagination. It's Light vs. Darkness. The future of Lodoss is at stake, and the war has just begun. Click here now to view this Series!
Song Title
1) Kiseki no Umi  Add to my Favorites
2) Eiyuu Tanjou  Add to my Favorites
3) Wakashi Kishi no Tabi  Add to my Favorites
4) Samayoeru Shima  Add to my Favorites
5) Kokune no Kishi  Add to my Favorites
6) Seimaru Tobari  Add to my Favorites
7) Kyu wo Tsugeta Arashi  Add to my Favorites
8) Ransei ni Kudasumono  Add to my Favorites
9) Okoreru Kyousenshi  Add to my Favorites
10) Daichi Bogami Maafa ni Sasegeru  Add to my Favorites
11) Hikari no Suashi  Add to my Favorites
12) Haruka naru Daichi  Add to my Favorites
13) Honu no Matsusei  Add to my Favorites
14) Tatakai no Uta  Add to my Favorites
15) Sashinobeshi Te ni Kotae yo  Add to my Favorites
16) Butou suru Ginyuushyu  Add to my Favorites
17) Osaraki Sadame  Add to my Favorites
18) Tatakai Owatte  Add to my Favorites
19) Tabi Suru Erufu  Add to my Favorites
20) Kyuutei no Chourou  Add to my Favorites
21) Majou no Shinsen  Add to my Favorites
22) Shiheki no Katasumi  Add to my Favorites
23) Dragon no Soukutsu  Add to my Favorites
24) Kanashimi wa Eien ni  Add to my Favorites
25) Mirai he no Inori  Add to my Favorites
26) Mezane yo Seirei  Add to my Favorites
27) Wagamichi wa Taiyo ni Michibikare  Add to my Favorites
28) Sakasama no Niji  Add to my Favorites

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