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12-year-old Naota's brother has just left Japan for the US to play baseball. Before long, two girls are vying for his attention -- his brother's girlfriend and Haruhara Haruko, who claims to be an alien. Then he meets 17 year-old Mammimi, who is obsessed with a violent video game and has visions of a black winged deity. But what does this all mean?
Song Title
1) Last Dinosaur  Add to my Favorites
2) One Life  Add to my Favorites
3) Funny Bunny  Add to my Favorites
4) Sleepy Head  Add to my Favorites
5) Back seat dog  Add to my Favorites
6) Happy Bivouac  Add to my Favorites
7) I Think I Can  Add to my Favorites
8) Little Busters  Add to my Favorites
9) She Is Perfect  Add to my Favorites
10) Ride on Shooting Star  Add to my Favorites

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