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Fate/Stay Night
Fate / Stay Night is about a covert Mystical power play that has been waged for possession of an all-powerful artifact - the legendary Holy Grail - that has raged for centuries till this very day. Fuyuki City has become the site of the next Holy Grail War, which has resulted in unexplained incidents and mysterious deaths. No risk is too great, no sacrifice too high and no spell is too dangerous, as chosen sorcerers, known as "Masters", has each summoned a spiritual warrior, known as a "Servant," to team up with in a secret battle to destroy all of their rival mages
Song Title
1) disillusion (TV Size)  Add to my Favorites
2) Senrei  Add to my Favorites
3) Unmei no Yoru  Add to my Favorites
4) Kagayake Shounen Shoujo  Add to my Favorites
5) Fujinee no Theme  Add to my Favorites
6) Kodoku na Junrei  Add to my Favorites
7) Majutsushi  Add to my Favorites
8) Inga Ruten  Add to my Favorites
9) Seihai  Add to my Favorites
10) Eirei Chinkon  Add to my Favorites
11) Kumo wa Somari Yuku  Add to my Favorites
12) Kasei Otto wa Seigi no Mikata  Add to my Favorites

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