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Da Capo
Every year, mysterious Cherry Blossoms bloom all over a crescent shaped island called the island of Hatsunejima... Asakura Junnichi goes to Kazami Academy and has the power to see other people's dreams in his sleep. He was also taught some magic, by an old lady, which allows him to create sweets. One day, Junnichi sees someone's dream again while he is sleeping. In that dream, a girl, who was a childhood friend of his, appeared. However, before he could find out more, he was woken up by his sister, Asakura Nemu, forcing him to come back to his regular life. Nemu doesn't actually have any blood relations with Junnichi but their bond is deeper than that of other real brothers and sisters. So deep, that it gives the illusion that they're lovers. It was another peaceful, normal day. Waking up early in the morning and going to Kazami Academy with his childhood friend Amakase Miharu, the academy idol Shirakawa Kotori and the two sisters Mizukoshi Moe and Mika (who love to eat Nabe on the roof of the Academy). Whilst Junnichi and Nemu were going through their day as usual, their childhood friend, Yoshino Sakura, who they thought had moved to America, suddenly appears. Sakura tells them: "I came to keep the promise we made during our childhood..."
Song Title
1) sakura sakumirai koi yume [TVedit]  Add to my Favorites
2) yureru kokoro  Add to my Favorites
3) yasashi jikan  Add to my Favorites
4) komorebi  Add to my Favorites
5) koigokoro  Add to my Favorites
6) koi no yokan ~piano version  Add to my Favorites
7) ame nochi hare ~everyday version  Add to my Favorites
8) itsumono futari  Add to my Favorites
9) yumeiro no tameiki  Add to my Favorites
10) gakkou ni te  Add to my Favorites
11) ironna koto ga tsugitsugi to  Add to my Favorites
12) sakura ni furi mawasareru  Add to my Favorites
13) ame nochi hare  Add to my Favorites
14) koi no yokan ~strings version  Add to my Favorites
15) kaisuiyoku  Add to my Favorites
16) mujaki na otome tachi  Add to my Favorites
17) egao de mainichi  Add to my Favorites
18) koi no yokan  Add to my Favorites
19) kawaikute izakoza  Add to my Favorites
20) junsuisa ga iyashite iku  Add to my Favorites
21) junsuisa ga iyashite iku  Add to my Favorites
22) nonbiri na koudou  Add to my Favorites
23) tennen shimai  Add to my Favorites
24) tsuzutennen shimai  Add to my Favorites
25) suginami  Add to my Favorites
26) tokubetsu na yokan  Add to my Favorites
27) mirai e no Melody [TVedit]  Add to my Favorites

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